Friday, July 1, 2016

june favorites

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>People: My favorite people this month (And pretty much every month) are the Bucketlist Family. You can find their YouTube channel linked here. And their blog linked here. They are a Utah family who live a life of travel after he sold an app for 50 million dollars. Except the amazing thing is that they haven't even TOUCHED that money yet. They travel off of the money they got for selling everything and for working with companies in countries they travel to. Find the blog post explaining their finances here.

>Music: Fun. They are an older band (my high school days. So OLD!) But I just discovered them for their full and true self when I started using Derek's old I-Pod. I had only heard the two songs they played on the radio over and over but they have so much good stuff that were just waiting for me to find them. Look them up. My favorite song is All Alone, but they are all RULL good.

>Message: This was a video that I used for an FHE this month, but it has been saved in a playlist for years for a reason. It is the most powerful message of the Book of Mormon I've ever heard. (And the music just makes it that much more powerful, am I right?.) It is linked right here for your viewing pleasure.

>Movie: Home. This is a kid's movie and you can find it on Netflix (I knew this was your first question). Even though it's a kid's movie, it is definitely for the young at heart but old in body as well. I really liked the music and sound, but I also really liked that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is one of the characters. And his character is the EXACT same in this movie.

>Food: Fries. But not just any fries, no no. These are the BEST fries. I love making oven fries but my mind was blown when I tried these ones. I had never even thought of using spices other than salt and pepper (I'm so vanilla). Dip em in some fry sauce and you've got yourself a nice lil treat. They are linked right here. Your mouths will thank you.


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