Wednesday, June 29, 2016

an update

My blog hasn't been much for actual updates for a looooooong time.
But since our lives have been changing every five seconds I figured now would be a good time to update anyone curious.
We moved up to Riverton yesterday.
It will be a nice to change to be in a new city together.
(Only somewhat new to me but since it's been so's basically all different)
In a couple of weeks I will get my CNA license with an added Health unit coordinator certificate.
And then will start working after that.
Derek is going to start work at IHC in the radiology department, imaging scheduling.
(And let me just brag about my husband for a bit.
Out of 50 applicants HE got the job.
I'm such a proud wife.)
And then after he finishes his anatomy class he will apply to the radiology program and hopefully start that next Fall.
And that's basically all that's going on.
Now that everyone is caught up, let's reminisce on pictures of the apartment we just left.


  1. ah! Moving is so stressful.. your old apt was so cute!! I hope you fall in love with your new place too :) good luck with CNA certification-- you'll crush it! xX

    1. Yes, moving is the worst. I never wanna move again haha! And it was a really cute apartment! But we are happy and excited to move onto a new phase in life :)


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