Tuesday, July 12, 2016


We all wear them.
(Unless you're at one of those special beaches)
And sometimes you hold onto your clothes for YEARS for whatver reason.
And overtime those clothes become a story.
Like my brown heels that I got in 7th (!!!) grade.
And I wore them to school with my bug-eye sunglasses and my jean shorts, flowy top, and fake designer purse.
Because it made me feel like Hillary Duff.
Of all the celebrities back then I guess Hillary was a good one to aspire to be.
And now I wear those shoes and they're vintage-cool and I don't pretend to be Hillary Duff.
Or the rain boots that I actually bought in Africa because I ruined a pair of shoes while traipsing through the muddy streets.
And I wore them with shorts through the slums and got a major rash because sweat, bare legs, and boots don't mix.
There's also my wedding dress that I got to wear on the most beautiful day in September.
That I get to keep in my closet and wear whenever I want.
And nobody will know that I'm wearing my absolute favorite dress.
Only I'll know just how amazing the cream, patterned dress really is.

Be sure to check out this post I wrote about my favorite shoes.


  1. really though, that was so wise of you to choose a dress you could wear often.. I totally know the feeling of 15+ year old clothes though- I stopped growing in 5th grade and I totally still have some Pokemon shirts! Win! Xx

    1. Thanks! That was my main reason. And that is so awesome that you still have clothes from elementary haha!


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