Tuesday, July 26, 2016

another update

Well, time for another sort of update I suppose.
I got a new job have started working at Alta View Hospital!
I work in the surgical units as a Health Unit Coordinator.
I've honestly JUST started so I don't know hardly anything yet.
BUT I do know that some (most) days I start at 5:30 or 6 which stinks.
I'm not about that whole "waking up before Derek" thing.
I much preferred when he was the one who had to wake up early ;)
Derek is still loving his job and hating the commuter life.
But there's give and take with everything I guess.
Now, just finals for Derek and then shortly after he will start Anatomy, which I have designated myself as his tutor for.
Also, The Bachelorette is almost over.
And that pretty much sums up our life!


  1. aw! you two work at the same place! sorry about the waking up early part... that is definitely not fun. :( glad you two are doing well. good luck to you both with anatomy ;) xX

    1. adorable, huh? haha! Yeah, I haven't had to wake up early in SO long! I normally wake up at 6:30, but 5??? Way too early!


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