Sunday, July 3, 2016

the moment

(This is a picture of where we went, but at a different time)

On our way down to Lake Powell a few weeks ago Derek and I had some roadside adventures for ourselves.
Since Lake Powell is his favorite place I thought that I would share my favorite places with him.
And while we were there I decided to leave the camera inthe car.
I wanted to be fully present in the moment in some of my favorite places with the man I love.
For me, using my camera enhances a moment.
It makes me look for things around me that are note-worthy and worth remembering.
But for us, using my camera would not have enhanced the moment.
Since it's not what he enjoys we would have been separate from each other in how we enjoyed the time.
We would have been together, but apart.
So instead of documenting for future scrapbooks and videos I took mental snapshots.
I realized that I don't always need to be connected to gadgets to enjoy a moment.
There are different ways to enjoy life.
And being fully present with people is one of the best ways to do that.


  1. OH. chills. this is so beautifully written. <3

  2. I'm just happy I know how to leave a comment now :) also where is this?

    1. Me too! ;) And it is some hot springs in Meadow, UT. Google it. It's the best place ever.


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