Wednesday, July 6, 2016

the grease cup

(This is the chicest picture of a "stove" I could find because I didn't wanna go downstairs to take a picture of mine.)

Fact One: Everyone who cooks bacon or other fatty foods has a grease cup on their stove.
Fact Two: While Derek worked hard earning us money, I took charge of the packing up of the apartment.
I like to do things as efficiently as possible so I was making sure that I optimized every corner of every box.
When I got to the kitchen I had one box that had one tiny corner available before I closed it up.
I looked around for the perfect sized item and my eyes landed on the grease cup.
It was a great plan, except for the fact that I didn’t bother to drain said grease out of said cup.
I just packed it in there real nice and promised myself to not tip the box.
Fact Three: I don’t tape the bottoms of my moving boxes.
When I took this box out to the car, untaped, I realized that this box was going to fall to pieces any second.
I got it to the car as quick as sand and…… wouldn’t fit in.
I got the box halfway into the backseat before progress was hindered and I couldn’t move the box in any direction or the bottom would give out.
So I sat there, in a squat, in the hot sun, holding the box in that particular position for approximately five minutes hoping Derek would see me out the window.
The only solution would be to slightly tip the box so that I could slowly lower it to the ground but….
And any tipping of the box would mean grease everywhere.
So I sat a little longer trying to get the courage to move the box to the ground fast enough to keep the bottom from completely bursting.
I finally did it and right when the box it the ground it BURST open and everything fell out.
(Believe it or not…it was mostly filled with tupperware and a blanket)
I repacked the box into a more stable set of cardboard and drove it all the way to Riverton.
And when I unpacked that box I realized that the cup of grease had not even spilled a drop.
I should be a professional mover.

Here's the link to our 4th of July festivities video: AMERICA
Password: America


  1. this is just.... brilliant. absolutely brilliant.

  2. I'm really glad the grease didn't get every where :)

    1. Me too!!!! There was some good tupperware in there that I would have had to wash! The horror.


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