Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My favorite shoes-the ones I've been wearing most days since about 9th grade.
They're finally covered in holes and the soles are almost non-existent.
I can see the ground through them, that's how bad they are.
But they're my favorite.
How do you just throw away your favorite shoes, the ones that have gotten you so many places?
I can still see the mud from when I tried to wrestle a cow.
I can see the poop from when I went to a sheep farm to see a birth.
I can still see the mud from the time that I went on a walk during a rainstorm.
These are the shoes that I went to Trek in and set up and took down 60 tents everyday.
These are the shoes that I went to Africa in and walked through the largest slum in the world.
These are the shoes that I was wearing when I basically fell of a mountain.
All of these memories are tied into these shoes.
Every stain and rip represents a different story from my life.
So how do I just get rid of them?
I guess I'm just going to have to frame them so that I will always have a reminder of all of my most wonderful stories.


  1. Hahah as I read this I just kept thinking "NOOOOO! Don't throw the shoes away! Anything but the shoes!!"

    1. haha right?? I actually still haven't thrown them away. I got replacement shoes which are actually the same ones, but in a different color. I still haven't worn them though cause I keep wearing these!

  2. I am totally the same way! I had a pair of yellow Toms that I wore all over the place. Orlando when I worked at Disney, to Italy, to Utah, to California, I mean those shoes went everywhere. They even had a drop of zombie blood on them from the zombie 5k I did. amazing. I ended up keeping them of course, and on the souls I wrote each city with an amazing adventure. Don't throw them out! xX


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