Tuesday, May 24, 2016


It has now been one year since my time in Europe with my cousin Kelsey.
So I thought that I would share a story that I've never shared on my blog.

While we were in Luxembourg we had quite the difficulty understanding what people were saying.
This was our first real foreign country experience and it was really kicking us in the rear.
On the second day of trying to attempt exploring the city on our own;
the only thing that consoled us was the fact that our host was going to pick us up at the end of the day so that we wouldn't have to struggle our way home.
After hours and hours of exploring castles and tunnels we contacted our host and said that we were ready to go home.
We decided on a pick up location and started heading in that direction.
We arrived before our host and so we started goofing around a bit.
The car pulled up and while we were laughing we ran over to the car.
Kelsey got in the back seat and suddenly a young man ran up yelling at us in German.
We were really confused and wanted to get away from him so Kelsey got deeper into the car and I started to mosy myself on in as well.
Right as I'm about to sit down I look up to the driver's seat and think,
"Who the heck is that??"
I turn to Kelsey who still doesn't realize and just in pure panic say,
"Kelsey this is the wrong car. This is the wrong car!!"
She looks up and sees that we do not know this lady.
Or this car.
We jump out and the yelling German man jumps in.
(There's one mystery solved)
And we proceed to die of embarrassed laughter until our ACTUAL car pulls up.


  1. oh.... I don't envy you there.. glad you made it through! with all the german I would have been absolutely terrified! ;)

    1. Haha we were only terrified afterwards when we realized how bad that could have been!


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