Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It was a nice sunny day outside so I innocently took the kids I nanny out to the front yard to play.
I was sitting on a bench enjoying the sun and the kids were on the sidewalk enjoying their friends.
I was feeling good.
Until all of a sudden some lady comes jogging up in her sunglasses and yoga pants, ready for a conversation.
She looked like the lady that lives upstairs so I thought we were on the same page.
We chatted, she told me she was in charge of visiting teaching, and I answered her somewhat strange questions.
Then, about five minutes into the conversation, it dawned on me.
This lady thinks I'm Brittany* and that these are my kids and that I'm in her ward.
I was suddenly overcome with PANIC.
What the H.E. Double toothpicks do I do now?
I'm in too deep!!
It's too late to correct her now!
That would be awkward and I'm not good with awkward.
And just when I have decided to not reveal who I actually am for both of our sakes, she starts asking personal question's about my (Brittany's*) life.
Do I answer as me?
Or do I answer as Brittany*?
Well, I'm already in too deep.
I guess I'll go deeper.
(Sidenote: That's what she said.)
So....I begin answering as Brittany* to the best of my knowledge.
"So where are you from?"
"New York."
"Where is your husband from?"
Oh crap. I don't know that one. Think fake Brittany, THINK.
Good one.
"You're kids are so cute!"
"Oh thanks! That's so sweet."
Soon after, she bids adieu and heads to the neighbors to say hello.
I immediately worry that if she talks to the neighbor that she will find out that I'm not actually Brittany* and I'm just the nanny.
Who is apparently also very creepy.
So I snatch the kids up and race them inside, telling them that it's lunch time.
"But McKenzie we just had breakfast!"
Shush children!! My name is Brittany* and it's time to eat!
Once I'm safely inside I text Brittany* and tell her,
"Well you just met someone from the ward. And she probably thinks you're a weirdo."

*Mom of the kids. Also, a psuedonym for the protection of the person I impostered.


  1. haha! I love this! I'm sorry I laughed at your panic :( being a nanny is just the greatest! xX

    1. Well, I can laugh at it too! But definitely not in the moment...haha


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