Friday, May 13, 2016

friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th.
So I've gotta share some scary stories, obviously.
*These were all taken from 97.1 ZHT's website.*
**And they're all true**

Sometimes I hate babysitting my little nephew because he always points at the same corner in the room and says "Scary"....

I was babysitting a young girl and tucking her into bed when she asked if I was reading her a bedtime story or if the old lady at the end of the bed was.

My baby boys toy went off on its own. He looked over at it, pointed, and said hi then started laughing like he was playing with someone.

I was feeding my baby when 4 yr old son comes in to tell me that he can't hear his cartoons because the man on the floor won't stop talking to him.

My 5 yr old son told my mom he had to sleep with his back to his door so he didn't see the woman with the scary green eyes.

My 4 yr old told me, "The people in the floor want you...they said 'finders keepers'".

My 10 yr old niece going to bed told her dad she couldn't go to sleep because there was a man smiling at her-the type of smile where he liked to do bad stuff.

I was driving with my ex and his 4 yr old daughter. Out of nowhere she tells me, "you're going to die soon, don't be scared though..."

Spooked yet??
Now go watch a scary movie and not sleep at all tonight.


  1. I'm so glad I read this at 1 o clock in the afternoon. Maybe I'll recover by the end of the night... "Finders, keepers".... NO.

    1. Yeah hopefully it didn't scar you for too long ;) but yes......that one was the scariest!!!!!!!


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