Wednesday, May 18, 2016


(Sometimes it's hard to match pictures to blog posts about nothing.
And this one was the MOST relevant.
Hopefully by the end you're figured out why.)

Today I bring you another tale of the old folks home:
There was one little old lady with dementia who had a daughter named 'Ginger'.
And whenever she was confused or worried she would yell, "Ginger!!!!"
Everyone that had worked there for a while knew what was happening when she started yelling that.
But there was a new girl who didn't realize that 'Ginger' was this lady's daughter's name.
And since this little old lady didn't know who this new girl was she would yell,
"Ginger!!!!" every time this girl walked into the room.
The new girl finally told the nurse,
"I don't think that she likes me very much. She always yells, 'Ginger' when I walk into the room."
And the nurse just laughed.
And so did we.
Because what I didn't mention is that this new girl is a redhead.
And she thought the old lady must just REALLY dislike redheads.....

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