Sunday, May 15, 2016

uncut sunday

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I had a teacher once in elementary school who would always tell us,
"Opinions are like armpits. Everybody has them, but some people's stink."
I would also like to add on,
"And they shouldn't be shoved in people's faces."
I was in a YouTube vortex and stumbled upon a girl who promotes a certain lifestyle.
Which is great!
BUT she does it by being a very naughty word that starts with a B....
Bully ;)
On her channel she shares videos that other people have worked hard on that promote a different lifestyle than hers; and she just tears them apart.
She doesn't even always necessarily disagree with everything that they are sharing.
But since their lifestyle isn't exactly the same as hers, she would still destroy everything that they were saying.
All of her videos consist of her ranting and raving about everybody else on YouTube.
Even if they are making healthy choices it is just not good enough for her.
And what is that accomplishing?
In what way is she influencing others by encouraging her followers to go watch people's videos and tell them that they are awful for living the lifestyle that they have chosen; just because it's different from theirs?
You may have your beliefs, but nobody has all of the facts.
So you can't tell someone how to live their life.
I, as a viewer, have the ability to not watch her videos.
But I, as a person, have the ability to stand up for my beliefs WHILE not degrading others just because their lifestyle is different than mine.


  1. I love the quote... but hate that this is happening more and more these days. aren't we all on the same team??!

    1. Yeah, especially with the ability to hide behind your social media and avoid actual onfrontation.


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