Sunday, October 5, 2014

rough week

I make my living at a nursing home.
And this week I worked overtime.
Only to stumble upon many a surprise.
It started off with an old man asking me to adjust his nether regions.
I'm not about that life.
Then I had to....touch poop.
There comes a moment in a housekeeper's life when you encounter the brown devil.
You try to use every tool to transfer it into a means of disposal.
But then sometimes nothing works and so all you can think is...
"It's time. It must be done."
So you use your best type of tool-the one at the end of your arm.
And SOMETIMES it goes awry and your whole body distorts in disgust while the sound of a sick whale comes out of your mouth.
"AEHHAHEHHA it touched me!!!!"
And then you leave work.
Because that is just too much.
And ya know what?
That wasn't even the grossest of days.
(I tried to make this post about poop as tasteful as possible. How'd I do?)

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