Monday, September 29, 2014


If my life was a movie I would hope that I was a main character.
I would have a higher chance of survival this way.
If this movie that I'm starring in is scary then I would not be that person to walk down the creepy stairs.
If this movie was an action then I would definitely NOT be the hot blonde running through debris in high heels.
If this movie was about the zombie apocalypse then I would positively own a crossbow and motorcycle.
If this movie was a romantic comedy then I for sure wouldn't be the one dating an attractively hilarious man.
I would be the awkwardly weird third wheel friend that feeds on sarcasm.
I might possibly be the damsel in distress because who doesn't want a hot man to swoop in to carry them away into the sunset?
I would definitely be the rebellious young buck that tries to overthrow the government.
(Except I would probably fail miserably. I'm no Katniss.)
So basically....I wish my life was a movie.

Also, I know this post was about movies and the picture is of books. I like irony.

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