Monday, October 13, 2014


I am failing American Heritage.
Not after today though.
We had a constitutional convention that would play a big role on borderline grades based on participation.
Well, if my borderline was pass/fail then I definitely want to be on the pass side.
So I told the girls in my group that we were going to get noticed.
We needed the participation.
I told them that we were just going to propose ridiculous things.
Thus, began the war of 2014.
First, I proposed that all slaves get two votes in any election.
When everyone basically threw tomatoes at me for this,
My group decided to secede from the union.
This was not granted.
So we tried to absorb Delaware…
They didn’t want that either.
So we elected Benedict Arnold as president.
Believe it or not, they didn’t like that either.
So basically, my idea of government is a joke but…..
I’m not gonna fail…
I definitely don’t have a chance of getting friends in that class but…
I’m not gonna fail…

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