Wednesday, October 8, 2014


"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear."
I read this while I sit on the rooftop drinking my Danimals like a child.
A lot of times I worry that I will never KNOW the truths of life.
And maybe I never will.
But maybe all that I need is to hope.
Hope that the truths that I am supporting and living are good and worthwhile.
What kind of life do I want to live?
What kind of person do I want to be?
What do I want to fill my time with?
What do I want to put my efforts into?
I think about these questions often, but never truly find an answer.
I know I want to live a good life, be a good person, fill my time with good things.....
But what does good even mean?
What if what I think is good isn't actually good?
I might never KNOW what is actually good or is actually true.
But there is always hope.
There is hope that things are good and that people are good.
And I gotta have hope in something.
(So I'll put my hope in Danimals.
Because that is GOOD.)

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