Saturday, October 5, 2013

the fanny pack diaries: why i travel

One day while I was working as a nanny a construction worker came up to me while I was in the front yard to ask me a question.
I tried the best I could to help him and then went on my way. 
He came back up to me later in the day to give me a somewhat fatherly lecture.
He told me his story about how he had come to America with little possessions. 
He worked various jobs, but just enough to get him by. 
Despite his little amount of money he always made sure to travel and to see all that he could of the world. 
He told me that money should be no object. 
If it is important enough to me then I will travel. 
And if it is not important to me then I should make it important because seeing the beauty in the world and meeting all the different types of people in the world and experiencing all different sorts of cultures is what life is all about. 
I went home from work that night and looked up plane tickets to Africa. 
I had always wanted to travel and see the world, but the money that it would take always stressed me out and gave me pre-mature gray hair. 
But I knew that I had to figure out my priorities. 
I wanted travel to be a priority so I was going to act like it was. 
Long story short, I ended up going to Africa on a whim for an amazing two weeks because a German man on the streets told me to live my dreams.  

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