Saturday, October 26, 2013

oh cedar city how i love you

Does anyone else feel as if they have to take a vacation because of their vacation?
Well I sure do.
Brooklyn and Alexa headed down to Cedar City with me this weekend.
And it was a grand 'ol time.
As Cedar City always is.
We first went to Kanarraville Falls-my favorite hike in the world.
It is about 15 minutes south of Cedar City and is a little slot canyon.
Our feet became numb in about five minutes.
And then the rest of our bodies followed suit after the rock slide.
YOLO right?
We headed over to the rock wall afterwards and did some climbing.
At the place that was basically my home while I was down at school there.
Whilst there we were told about an institute dance so we mozied on over there.
And went crazy.
Cedar City puts on a great party.
And I got to see all of my old friends in their Halloween costumes.
This morning after hitting up the boulder comp we headed to some hot springs.
And they were beautiful.
When we walked up to the second one a man with a southern accent said,
"Welcome to Hawaii, surfs up!"
And he wasn't joking.
Those pools were beautiful.
I can't believe I haven't discovered them until now.
But I found them right before winter-perfect timing.

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