Monday, October 7, 2013

confessions and observations

>I love scary movies. I'm so excited that it is October so that I can do my 12 days of Halloween and watch a scary movie every night until Halloween. It might be a little rough this year since I actually have obligations in life. But surprisingly most people don't like scary movies. So I end up watching them by myself. Is that weird?

>I want to be a hippy. It's the thing that I aspire to the most. I think I'm halfway there with my yoga, headbands, barefeet, and recycling.....right?

>I hate myself when I use too much technology. Have you ever found yourself in the situation at night time when you are using your laptop and then you finally decide that it is time for bed so you put away your laptop, get in bed, and......pull out your smart phone? It never ends.

>Here is my deepest, darkest confession. I like the DMV. Yes you read that right. Anytime I need to go there I get so excited. Every time I have gone there I have met the strangest person that just made my day so much better. Who doesn't like reading there book in a long line and making friends with strangers?

>I hate nutella. It is so gross and I don't know why everyone loves it so much. Peanut butter all the way!

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