Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the cyco cycle returns

Freshman year Tami and I went to Walmart one Friday when we were bored.
We had the intent of buying scooters.
Because scooters solve all boredom.
As we were just about to pick up two scooters I turn around.
And see....
And I knew that the decision I was about to make was definitely a bad one.
Because who wants a scooter when you can have a three wheeled bike with no handlebars?
We bought it immediately.
With no second thoughts and no regrets two years later.
Well, now being at BYU I decided to introduce it to this little city.
And naturally, it was received with open arms.
I'm just grateful to Brooklyn who, when I demand of her to get on my shoulders...
She gets on.
No questions asked.

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