Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It is about halfway through one of my favorite months.
And it has not dissapointed.
The leaves are gorgeous and the rain has been welcomed with open arms.
I will even be OK with the chill as long as I get to look at the mountains everyday.
But I do have one regret.
I have not yet been to a haunted house this year.
I have approximately  two weekends (!!!) to get on that.
See, October is my favorite because for some reason I love to be scared.
I started the month off in typical Halloween fashion.
At work we sat in the locker room and told ghost stories for a good hour.
And now I will have to end the month equally as satisfying.
Last year I started the 12 days of Halloween tradition.
Starting on the 19th I watched a scary movie every night until Halloween.
And I loved it.
So, world, please start suggesting scary movies for me to watch.
I probably won't be able to watch one every night because I work the shift of death.
But I will surely try.
All in the name of Halloween.

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