Friday, January 2, 2015

new years

January 1st.
(Or 2nd for the procrastinators.....)
The day to reflect on the past year and bask in the light of all that you've learned.
But lesbi-honest.
How much did I actually learn?
I wound up in the hospital, got fired from my job for being "too hormonal", and dropped out of school.
But I can very much assure you that I forgot. ALOT of stuff.
I forgot where I set my keys down...five too many times.
I forgot how to work a VCR...I put my '90s birthing to shame.
I forgot about the word loquacious....which is one of my favorites.
I forgot about that twenty dollars hidden in my winter clothes pocket.
I forgot that eating a lot of sugar does in fact create a monster in your belly.
I forgot that filling your life with things that you hate can also create a monster in your belly.
And most importantly...i forgot that sometimes Pinterest has the absolute worst ideas ever.
(Just ask my mash cauliflower just how it tastes.)
......(Horrible. It tastes horrible.)

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