Monday, January 26, 2015


You wanna hear something absurd?
When I first started this blog a couple of years ago it was intended to be a fashion blog.
For my first post Tami went with me and we broke into what looked like i-robot.
I then proceeded to pose in front of dilapidated crates with mediocre poses that I copied from America's Next Top Model while she was a good friend and took my pictures.
What caused me to think, "Yeah I dress really beautifully and everyone probably wants my advice",
I will never know.
Because I don't think anybody except me wants advice on how to find the best swimming suit at a thrift shop.
I mean, I don't even wear matching socks or public-worthy pants.
So I don't know why I was going to let my influence affect you people across the globe.
(And by you people I mean the only people who probably read this blog: my parents.)
This morning I straightened my hair without wearing glasses or contacts and crossed my fingers that it didn't look like a total disaster.
When I go to family parties they place bets on what percentage of my clothes is from a thrift shop...
(It's usually 100%.....)
And I haven't washed my Sunday clothes in a year.
So I'll just sticks to writing blogs with terrible jokes and weird stories.

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  1. Oh Kenzie! Don't be so humble. I'm sure there are numberless concourses of people reading your blog, hoping someday they can somehow have one percent of you eloquence and thrift shop savviness! Remember, remember the fifth of November!


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