Saturday, December 27, 2014


Now that Winter is here I feel that it is necessary to approach the topic of clothing.
People tend to wear weird things in the wintertime.
Such as.....
Toe socks.

Very impractical.
How are your piggies gonna keep each other warm if their separated from each other?
If anyone has ever worn these you will know that your toes get SO cold.

Something else impractical: Capri sweats....

"Ya know, I'm cold. I wanna wear sweats. But only my thighs are cold.....blanket pants on my calves would just be too much."

Along the same lines: Arm and leg warmers

"Only this chunk of my body is cold enough to cover up."

And I am definitely guilty of this next one: Puffer vests.

I am all about that puffer vest life.
But I can agree that adding arms would definitely make me a lot warmer.
It sure does keep that upper trunk of my body warm though.
Now just to worry about the frozen arms....

And can we all just agree that afghans help nobody stay warm with all of those air pockets....


  1. I have never ever seen the point of vests--my arms get the coldest anyways--I mean, I might wear a vest, but I'll just have to wear a coat over it and look nice and puffy. :)


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