Monday, January 19, 2015


Sometimes in life you just have to go with the flow. 
Last night at work an old man waved me into his room where ‘90s pop was loudly playing.
Not saying anything, he started crazy-dancing with limbs flailing everywhere.
No questions asked, I started crazy-dancing with him, limbs flailing everywhere.
And for two minutes we looked like fools and it was the best.
Looking like a fool is just a mandatory part of life.
This same resident often asks me to play the piano for him.
Which I’m not particularly good at.
But you best believe that I try.
And when he leans over and kindly says, “We all have our struggles.”
You just smile and nod your head in agreement.
Because that was a lot kinder than the woman that came up to me when I was 16 and said,
“I think it’s awesome that you can just get up there and not care what anybody else thinks”.
And dressing like the richest person in town when you’re 90 is just the right situation for foolishness.
Because foolishness is always good.

These fabulous pictures of my role models in life are from Buzzfeed.

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