Friday, January 16, 2015

five things friday

This Friday I will be discussing five things from this week that are new.
>Like.....this shirt. That my beau bought for himself. But then I got it cause it didn't fit him. Thank you soccer Gods.

>And the show The Blacklist that has the most amazing evil genius in the history of ever. So good. (In other TV news....Parks and Rec started their last season this week!!)

>The beau also took me swimming. All I could picture was being thrown into the deep end and having a shark nibble at my toes. Or something like that. But was pretty enjoyable. And I didn't even die. And I slightly enjoyed it. Mostly because I got to wear big ridiculous flippers.

>A new job. Another one you say? Yup. I shall be substitute teaching. So if you teachers out there ever need a sub then I'm your gal. I just love jobs you guys. It's an addiction. I think I need an intervention.

>I tried my hand at cooking. It started off a little bit rocky with cauliflower mash but then I suppose I turned into somewhat of a domestic goddess with my fajitas and homemade pizzas.

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