Sunday, June 29, 2014

to all of the haters

(I've always wanted to say that...but really there's just one...)
Dear hater,
Please read this in a passionately angry sort of way.
Life is hard.
And doing hard things is hard.
But doing hard things that you don't even want is the hardest.
It's not that I don't want to do hard things.
I would just rather do hard things that I actually want.
I would rather do hard things that don't make me miserable, but give me some level of pleasure.
I want to do hard things-just not the hard things I'm doing right now.
(I want to see how many times I can say hard.....)
It's a challenge to find what it is that you want in life.
I think that I know what I want, even though it changes so much.
But you have to hold onto those things that you want so that the good-hard things are all worth it.
I know that I want to get my yoga teaching certification so that I can teach yoga in hospitals.
I know that I want to publish my journal so that people can feel less alone in their pain.
I know that I want to work and live in an impoverished country so that I can know what other people experience.
I know what I want.
Is it really such a big deal that I don't want to do this one terribly miserable hard thing right now?
So to the hater(s), my life is not yours to live.
You don't get to tell me what hard things are worth it and what hard things are just silly.
You don't get to tell me how spiritual I am and how spiritual I need to become.
In summation, you're dumb and I don't like you.

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