Monday, June 2, 2014


My apartment is real hot and it just makes me sad.
Apparently it also makes me angry.
Last night as I lay awake in my 85 degree room with no hope of sleep I got angry.
Like, grab your mattress and place it on your private balcony angry.
I spent the rest of the night sleeping under the stars, on my pink sheets.
It was like a dream come true.
I was so at peace that I didn't even mind the men singing a harmonized rendition of I Am A Child of God at midnight.
And then I left my bed in it's place, even after the sun rose.
And it still lays there, as the sun sets.
I plan to leave it there for the rest of the Summer-fingers crossed that it doesn't rain.
I have spent my day enjoying the luxury and comfort of my bed and the greatness of being outside.
It made for a great place to read my book, eat my dinner, and spy on passersby.
So if you wanna come hang out in the place containing the best of both worlds, just stop on by.
But bring me a Swig-I've been staring at that place all day.


  1. When the power used to go out during the night when I lived in Malaysia, I would go sleep on the balcony too, just on the tile floor of the balcony because it was so much cooler!


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