Sunday, June 8, 2014

the dirtiest of dashes

Anyone who is a true friend of mine knows that I loath running-I only run when I hate life.
I have never understood the desire to pay actual money to run.
Doesn't that just sound like pure misery?
Well, one fateful day in January I promised my cousin that I would run the Dirty Dash with her.
I thought she would forget about it but then she made me put it in writing and notarize it-I was in it deep now.
The day marked in my planner to run this race slowly approached.
And when it did my parents picked me up with my sister and her friends, my running companions.
I start talking about this "awesome" 5K we are about to run.
Then, my sister turns to me and says, "It's a 10K".
My world crashed down around me.
I wasn't happy about this when it was only a 5K, but now this.
When the race started I thought for sure I would die on the side of the trail.
But if I was ever going to make it on Survivor I had to do it.
I had already decided that I would be running barefoot-it's just the right thing to do.
So I whipped my shoes off and started jumping in mud puddles and climbing walls.
Everyone that I passed thought I was a bad ass. Or crazy....hard to tell.
I don't care because I did it. I finished a 10K without even cheating.
And I even got to play in mud, climb walls, and watch fat people fall in the mud.
Pretty good race I'd say.


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