Friday, June 6, 2014

the one with the kiss

The only girly thing about me is that I love my lipstick.
And in the honor of lipstick, I am here today to share the story of my first kiss.
Notice, when I say first kiss I don't mean worst kiss.
That story will come another time.
Let's rewind the clock to 2011 down at good 'ol SUU.
Yes, it's true, I didn't have my first kiss until college.
However, the boy (We'll call him B) didn't know this-he thought I was an experienced kisser.
B lived down the hall from me and we met when he helped me repair my broken headlights.
Sparks flew and we spent that week together sharing music and doing homework.
One night I was in St. George, about to head back up to Cedar City, when I got the text.
"Wanna watch a movie?"
Now guys, this is always the classiest of moves and will definitely win you points.....Not.
But, I was still naive and was so excited to watch a movie-I enjoy movies just as much as the next girl.
When I get back, still wearing my swimming attire I head over to his dorm.
My hair was a ratty, damp, curly mess from swimming but I didn't care-I didn't know what was about to happen to my lips.
He let me pick the movie and I chose Harry and the Hendersons (haven't watched it since....)
About halfway through the movie he started kissing me.
I was a bit confused because I really wanted to watch this movie-it's a good one.
Anyways, that didn't happen.
We kissed for a bit and then afterwards all he says is,
"I've never kissed a girl with braces before. Weird."
Alright mister.
So of course I turned off the movie and taught him how to make a grilled PB&J.
Because that was something that I DEFINITELY knew how to do.
Later that night when my roommate got home from St. George and I told her the story she promptly opened the window.
And yelled, "MCKENZIE JUST KISSED A BOY!!!!!" so that all of the residents would know.
And that is the story of my first kiss.
And to this day all I can about is how he still has my He is We CD.
How dare he?

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