Saturday, May 31, 2014


I sit on my porch in the shadow of the setting sun.
And I look at my failed garden as the wind howls around me.
This is my last Summer in college.
I look ahead to graduation and get a little scared.
What will I do?
Who will I be?
Who will my friends be?
Where will I live?
The pro is that my future is so open.
However, the con is the same.
People prepare you for what's after high school: college.
But after college?
Nobody prepares you for that because now we're "grownups" or something.
What should I do?
Yeah yeah, get married and settle down.
Get a job and buy a house.
Maybe even have a tiny human.
But for me I feel like there's something else for now.
And I don't know what it is just yet.
The unknown- so scary and new, but so exciting and fun.
So, as of now I'm open for suggestions-lay 'em on me.
Mango picker in Australia, deckhand on an ocean cruiser, au pair in France..........

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