Sunday, May 18, 2014

and sometimes you end up in Bryce

The plans got changed.
The men decided that they wanted to go to Bryce Canyon instead.
I was down with that-I just needed adventure.
So at six in the morning Alexa, TJ, and I headed down to start our adventure early.
We were in a car so old that we only had the option of listening to tapes.
So we listened to Styx and Abba.
And taught Alexa that you can't skip songs on a tape.
But as any good story worth telling goes, something went awry.
We pulled into a gas station in the small town of Panguitch to eat and pee.
After our bellies were filled and our bladders were emptied we got back in the truck.
And it wouldn't start.
The two door '96 was a goner.
We spent two hours in this little town of nothing trying to get things figured out.
And ended up finding a mechanic and using his company van to finish our trip.
After our hearts were filled with warm fuzzies due to his kindness we drove to our campsite.
And hit the lake where, contrary to the last picture, skinny dipping did not happen.
Thus ends part one.

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