Sunday, May 11, 2014


My Sundays now consist of waking up at five in the morning before the sun is up.
I head to work and sit in an office waiting for someone to throw up or break something.
But the ten and a half hour shift makes me think too much.
And today I was stuck in the endless thought circle of desire.
I had gone to Pizza Pie Cafe the other day and everyone knows that that place makes you re-evaluate everything.
Thirteen slices of pizza instantly makes you wonder where you're headed in life.
(The answer is Straight to diabetes.)
I'm pretty sure everyone in the Mormon community has seen the marshmallow video.
For those of you who have no idea what this is a video about waiting for what you want most rather than accepting what you want now.
That's real hard though.
Because what if the thing you want most never actually comes?
And you let go of something that could've been just fine!
But how are you to ever know?
What if I had made different choices in life and ended up in different places?
Would I be happier?
It's not something that should be dwelt on.
But sometimes I wonder.
Ah, Pizza Pie....stop doing this to me.

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