Friday, March 7, 2014

a how-to

After my ever so popular post making fun of hipsters.....
I thought I would create a how-to on being a hippy.
So that you too, can be one.
>First, you gotta be throwing those peace signs around like candy. Spread the love to anybody you see. The farewell "peace out" is also mandatory whenever saying goodbye to anybody.
>Next, don't put any processed foods into your body (unless it's free....then eat ten of whatever it is). Making your own food and shopping at the local farmer's market gets you an A+.
>Refuse to take any medicine or visit any doctors. Supplements are not considered modern medicine in my book and are encouraged to be consumed, but only if you can't get those nutrients in your diet.
>Do yoga. A lot of it. Preferably outdoors.
>Only make your clothes. And when you can't make them only buy them at thrift stores or from hobos on the street. In other words, don't support consumerism. You should own at least 3 articles of tie-dyed clothing, 5 band shirts, 1 pair of bell bottoms, and if you're a girl, 3 long, flowing skirts.
>Don't wear shoes anywhere. If it was acceptable in society being naked would be the ideal way to go and would definitely support my former point. But that will just have to be contained to your house.
>Only use products that were homemade out of organic and natural materials. Chemicals have no place on your body.
>Know the lingo. Blow your mind, bummer, killer, groovy, far out....
>Protest any and everything.
>Get those dreadlocks started.
>Listen to the Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Eagles.......
>Cringe at the sight of water being wasted, cardboard not being recycled, jars not being re-purposed, and chemicals being used.
>NO drugs. :) You don't have to do drugs to be a free spirited, deep thinker. Get a natural high through meditation.

And that's how to be a stereotypical hippy.


  1. What about the various experiments with vegetarian and vegan diets so you don't hurt the animals?

    1. hahaha I would add this, but......I like meat! :/ I believe that animals are to be used for food..but not to excess haha


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