Saturday, March 22, 2014


Such an important part of our lives.
Yet, so forgettable.
We've all had that one friend whose name we never learned.
So we spend our whole friendship saying "Hey you!"
We've all invited our friend over to meet our roommate.
Because this might be the only way we learn said roommate's name without asking for the tenth time.
And haven't we all gone on a date with someone whose name we couldn't remember?
Oh, just me?
Well, the first rule to meeting someone is to text them your full name.
We say it's because we need to organize our contacts.
But honestly, who cares about our contact organization?
It's really so that we can learn the person's name.
(And also for Facebook stalking, but...unrelated..)
And this man never texted me his name.
So when he called and asked me on a date I thought I caught his name as being Tyler.
I couldn't be sure though.
So when we were actually on the date I figured that it was too late to clarify.
So I just crossed my fingers that I didn't run into anyone I knew.
Because introductions would've been awkward.....
I probably would have had to resort to a fake heart attack.
Finally, when he added me on Facebook weeks later I learned his name.
It was nothing even close to being Tyler.


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