Saturday, March 29, 2014

new apartment

I got kicked out of my apartment.
In the middle of the semester.
There is no interesting or scandalous story to tag along with that first sentence.
Our roof was simply going to be torn off.
So we had to leave.
I live in the same complex, but it is basically a whole new world over here.
When I say "over here", I mean the rich side of town.
I have my own private balcony and we even get the newspaper.
Fancy right?
I still often visit the north end of the complex to see my friends.
However, it is probably a ten minute walk.
And I have to pass the gang bangers hanging out by the dumpster.
I make small talk with them and they offer me cigs and alcohol.
It really brightens my day.
Since I don't know anyone down here yet I usually sit at my kitchen table and watch people walk to campus.
And I stare longingly at the fast food joints just a stone's throw from my window.
Ah, it's the life down here in apartment 9.

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