Saturday, March 15, 2014

i don't understand

My Saturdays are the weirdest.
I don't understand how my body even got into this rhythm.
But each week on this day I lose my appetite.
I don't eat ALLLLL day.
I just have no desire to put food into my body.
(Which is an odd sensation for me....)
Then nighttime comes and I fall asleep at about 8 or 9.
Party animal right?
I feel a little guilty, but then then I don't cause sleeping is fun.
Then at midnight I wake up with a fury in my belly.
I then proceed to scavenge for a Thanksgiving feast.
And this is when I eat all of my meals for the day-all at once.
Then I fall asleep a couple of hours later.
Also, the last few nights I have fallen asleep fully clothed.

Yeah....I'm a medical mystery.


  1. hahaha. Interesting. Saturdays just change up the whole ball game, do they?

    1. yeah I don't know what's up with that day.


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