Sunday, June 5, 2016


I was planning on writing about something else today.
But then I found out that an old friend from high school passed away.
Not someone that I hung out with a ton, just part of my senior year.
And then I was left to enjoy the knowledge he shared on Facebook for the last few years.
But reading the post that his girlfriend wrote this morning just made my heartbreak.
Because I can NOT imagine the pain that would be to lose the one that you love most.
A couple of weeks ago I was remembering Europe and the trial that was for Derek and I.
It was so hard to be away from him for just one month.
And so I decided to start making an effort to not take my time with him each day for granted.
I'm still not very good at it because I still let my phone or my own tasks get in the way.
But I do notice how much happier and fulfilled I am when I sit and talk with him for even just a couple of minutes.
Or go on a walk with him.
Or snuggle together at the end of the day.
Because he matters the most.
Not my phone or social media or those boxes that need to be packed or that toilet that needs to be scrubbed NOW.
Those petty fights don't matter and the bills don't matter.
(Yeah, the bills matter but.......not as much as snuggling at night.)
As long as we have each other to lean on, everything else can wait.


  1. this was so sweet to read <3 it's a good reminder of the things that matter most. thanks for sharing xX

    1. Thanks for reading! :) Yes, it's so easy to forget!


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