Monday, June 27, 2016

supporting each other

There have been SO many stories lately of bad things happening to people's kids.
And because we have access to social media and people feel so much strength behind a keyboard there is also SO much judgement.
And yeah, these bad things could all be avoided with better decisions, but they happened.
And those parents don't need everyone and their dog saying how bad of a parent they are.
I'm pretty sure that they are feeling enough hurt and guilt as it is.
Mistakes are made and bad things happen everyday.
The difference is, some are public.
And unwillingly thrown to the internet where they get eaten alive by people who it could have just as easily happened to.
We don't know the circumstances, we don't know their life.
You think these parents are stupid, that's fine.
But leave the judgement at home.
Even if we can't IMAGINE letting these things happen to our children, they very well could.
And not everything is somebody's fault.
Sometimes things happen.
Just support each other and keep the cruel thoughts to yourself.

(I mostly write this as a disclaimer for any future mistakes that I make as mother.
Because they will happen.)


  1. Thank you! We just really need to be on the same team for once, geez. But seriously, all we can do is just take away what they could have done better, and apply it to our own lives. quietly. and let the poor parents grieve. :(

    1. Yeah, we can definitely learn from all of these things. From ourselves and from others' mistakes. But we need to support.


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