Friday, June 10, 2016

cosmic brownies

Almost two weeks ago in this blog post I foreshadowed that I had a funny story coming.
And now it is here.

It was really hot outside and my two broken knees were starting to stiffen under all the pressure of hiking 6 miles.
But what they didn't realize was that we still had ten miles left to get back to our car.
(Why Capitol Reef only has one way hikes is beyond me)
We started walking down the road, hoping somebody would take pity on our weary souls.
After being rejected again and again by clean people in clean cars a truck stopped for us at the beckoning of Derek's thumb.
We graciously hopped in and sank into the seats.
My knees and my heart were so happy that I offered the kind man a Cosmic Brownie once he dropped us off at our car.
He declined and I secretly cheered because that meant there was more for me.
We started chatting and getting to know each other.
We shared where we were from, where we were going to school, and what we do.
(No, the funny story is not that we let a serial killer know every detail about ourselves.)
And we learned that him and his rock climbing kids are pretty dang cool.
I told him that I live in Provo and go to BYU.
He told us that he had attended the U and that there was such a desire to be the antithesis of Mormon there. 
Once this special word was shared and it was received with warmth he decided that now was the time to confess the question that had been burning in his soul.
"So, back to those brownies that you offered me. What did you call them?"
"Cosmic Brownies?"
"Yeah, did you make those with marijuana because I've got kids so I can't be taking one of those."

"No man, those are just Lil Debbies!!!"

Hahahahaha I guess we did look the type!


  1. OH my gosh I am DYING. that is hilarious! and yes, Cosmic Brownies are the literal best! <3

    1. Yes, they are SO good but somewhat gross at the same time ;)


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