Thursday, June 16, 2016


I had a dream the other night about a man that I dated from SUU.
(Not so much dated as…..I had a crush on him and so I would stalk him. Literally on Friday nights.)
But anyways, it made me reminisce on the best two years of my life.
No, not a mission, but my first two years of college.
SUU is literally my favorite place on Earth.
I’ve been to many exotic places, but it’s safe to say that Cedar City, of all places, is where I want my ashes scattered.
I had my first kiss there, I learned how to rock climb there, it’s where I learned how to gamble, and where I had SO much fun with my best friends.
It’s hard to put into words the best times of your life.
And that’s why I love video so much.
To better reminisce I watched the old videos that I made during those times and it made me so happy that I started documenting things like that.
Because now I can go back and remember *a fraction of* the ridiculous things that I did and the good times that I had.
It’s so easy to forget the small details, but when you go back and remember….
It’s just the best.
So here are some of the different videos I made.
If anybody cares besides me :)

(And they are all hilariously old…)

The first...... "No Handlebars" with a 3 wheeled bike.

Next up....My favorite hike in Kanarraville

Mine and my best friend's Daily Life

And the place that I felt most at HOME


  1. Kanaraville looks gorgeous! How have I never heard of it?? I'm DYING over Mormon keg stands. looks like you had a blast! those are some priceless memories. xX

    1. Oh it is! It's definitely not a hidden gem anymore, as there are a TON of people that hike it now. But still beautiful! Just south of Cedar City.


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