Monday, June 8, 2015


The last stop of the trip was Venice.
This city also happened to be our absolute favorite.
Aside from the humidity, it was a dream come true.
The crowds weren't too crazy, the story of Venice is amazing, and there was pretty water.
Gross, but pretty.
To start off, we walked from the train station to our campsite for 3 miles with our packs on.
Yeah, I'd say we were pretty legit.
It's not easy carrying your house on your back for that long.
I don't know how turtles do it.
The next day we took a walking tour of the city and learned all of the cool stories behind the floating city.
It was pretty awesome.
This led to us exploring most of the inches of the city.
Not every inch.
We even spent a day riding water buses and heading over to the island of Burano with all of the beautiful houses.
It was the perfect end to the trip.
Highly recommended by yours truly.

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