Friday, June 12, 2015

travel journal

If somebody had stolen my passport and all my money I would not have been as sad as if they stole my travel journal.
This journal had all of the information that I needed for the whole trip-dates, confirmation numbers, addresses....
I think that we would have died without the information in it.
So what do you need in a travel journal?

^^I first included the calendar of where we would be everyday so that we could plan activities^^

^^Then I planned out things that I needed to do before I left. Like buy deodorant and pack...^^

^^I made sure to write down all of the important numbers that I might need. Like contacts in America and the embassies. Just in case.^^

^^I wrote down all of my flight information so that I would have it all in one place. I also wrote down information about that particular airline or airport.^^
^^ I also wrote down the information for our hostels that we stayed at so that we would have addresses, prices, directions, hostel rules, etc. all right where I could see it.^^
 ^^Even though we didn't do all the things that we wanted I wrote down what the activities were and how much they would cost, how long they would take....and included a googles maps map with all of the places marked on it so that we could make the most of our time and see the things that were closest to each other in the same days.^^

^^ Here's the budget. I'll write another post on this later but this was definitely a hard task for me to keep up with during the trip as you can see...^^

^^ I designated about 4 pages at the back for notes on the trip. If somebody gave us good tips or ideas I could write them here.^^
^^And last but not least. I wrote in my journal in the back. With of course, lots of pictures of ma boo.^^

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