Thursday, June 11, 2015

how to survive

After living out of a pack for a month you come to learn what the best ways to survive are.
And now I am here to share with all of you future travelers.
Or just curious stalkers.

>Baby wipes. BABY WIPES! Sometimes ya just get rull sweaty and gross and need to take a shower. But sometimes there's not a shower. At least not a good one. So welcome the wipes. They are bliss.

>Body spray. For somewhat the same reason as the first one. Sometimes ya just stink and all your clean clothes are mushed in with your dirty clothes and it's no good. Spritz on a little sweet blossom and you're good to go.

>Pick a theme song. We had to make sure to listen to Bright by Echosmith at least once a day to soothe our homesickness and frustrations. And we were totally those girls that walked around a foreign town singing our guts out. Just to feel more secure in ourselves of course.

>Don't eat like it's a vacation!!! We all do a bunch of junk because we're on vacation. But I tell you now...NO! If you are going to be gone for more than two days, try to eat a little healthy. I'm pretty sure that I was slowly dying because the only food we were eating was pastries and sugar. When we spent a day crawling through town looking for a measly fruit cup to buy we knew it was bad. Don't let it get that far.

>If you're a tourist just be one. The times we enjoyed the places we were in the most was when we were being a tourist. Ride the big red buses carrying people with their cameras and selfie sticks around. Take the walking tours with all of the other foreigners. Rock your tourist-ness and actually learn about where you are at. Standing in the middle of a crowded street staring at a map with your selfie stick hanging out of your pocket is ideal.

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