Sunday, March 1, 2015

number five

I did a little bit of snorkeling.
Which was number five on the bucket list of mine.
There weren't any fish to see but there was....human legs and....water.
Still, it counts.
I had a Groupon to go up to The Crater in Midway and sit in mineral water inside a mountain.
And it was pretty cool.
But first we had to stop at a swim shop where Derek bought me a new swimming suit.
(He just couldn't stand the thought of me wearing a suit from a thrift store.)
It's brand spanking new and my body just doesn't know how to handle it.
It's a whole rags-to-riches ordeal.
Anyways, when we got up there we got our life jackets on like good rule followers do and then...
Stole some snorkels.
(In the name of The Bucket List and all)
Once we looked deep enough into the water, past the abundance of legs and water, we were able to see some sharks swimming at the bottom!!
Just kidding, that's a lie.
But it was still pretty epic.

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