Thursday, March 5, 2015

flight tickets

So, as you know, I'm headed across the pond to the lovely Europe.
My cousin Kelsey and I have been preparing for this trip of a lifetime for about a month now.
And the first thing we figured out was the flights...naturally.
And now we will play a little guessing game.
Who can guess how much we are spending to fly into London??
If you guessed $800 then you're........WRONG!
If you guessed $400 then you're......RIGHT!
That's correct! We are flying into London, with insurance for only $400.
Crazy right?
I was pretty proud.
And can you guess how much it is going to cost us to fly back from Europe?
If you guessed $1000 then you're....WRONG!
If you guessed $500 then you're.....RIGHT!
Yup, we are flying roundtrip to Europe for only $900.
Crazy right?
Well, let me tell ya how we were able to perform this witchcraft.
First, our dates were very flexible.
I wanted to fly out on the 8th but it was considerably cheaper to fly out two days later.
Second, check different flight websites.
There might be two bargain flight sites with completely different prices.
Third, Sometimes buying two one-way tickets is cheaper than flying roundtrip.
Fourth, Make connections.
Not with people, but with flights.
For our flight home we found that to fly home from Athens (which is our ending point) was over $1000 just as a one-way.
But, flying from Athens to Zurich is $90 and from Zurich home is $500.
So obviously, we are adding onto our trip and doing that.
Basically you just have to research a WHOLE ton!
Don't settle for the first flight.
Look at different websites and find connecting flights.
Here are my favorite websites that we used: (Which allows you to see prices for the whole month) (Seriously THEBEST! Sign up with a student email and you can get amazing deals. Like...$100 off your flight? Awesome! Be sure to mark your dates as flexible.)

And there ya have it....witchcraftery.

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