Monday, March 23, 2015

no teeth

This picture just does not do justice to the FUNNIEST story in the world.
OKOK, I have a crap load of laugh worthy stories,  but right now this one makes me do that crazy smiling-when-you're-alone-and-everyone-thinks-you-must-have-just-farted-or-something smile.
So, there is an old (obviously) woman at work who has false teeth.
She also has dementia.
And the combination does not do her mouth well.
Because she often forgets where she sets those chompers and then they are gone for MONTHS and nobody can find them.
One particular day I noticed that she had lost her teeth again.
After dinner we were watching a movie and she was sitting next to me.
Suddenly I hear her say, "Oh there they are."
And I turn to look at her as she is unrolling her false teeth from her sweater sleeve.........
*oh of course! My sweater sleeve! Why didn't I think to look there sooner???*

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