Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the liebster award

Emily over at Confessions of a BYU Babe nominated me for the Liebster Award. My first time winning something and it wasn't even really winning something, but I am proud nonetheless! Thank you for tagging me :) (And go check her blog out cause I crack up every time I read it.)

1. What is your favorite food?
     If I could, I would seriously say everything. In elementary school when we had to fill out cute little surveys to hang up in class and this was the question I would proudly write "everything." Now that I realize that's not entirely correct (bananas? Definitely NOT my favorite.) I can give a real grown up answer. I have a top five, but I would have to give pizza that gold medal. Who could do without pizza?

2. What is one thing you want to do this year?
    Every year for my birthday I vow to cross something big off of my bucket list. I haven't settled on this year's birthday present. But I hope that by the end of the year I will have finished writing my book.

3. What is the most scandalous thing you have ever done?
    Well.....it has to do with kissing. And a romantic little pond. Are you in suspense yet? Good. This will be very anti-climactic for you. While on vacation with the family I used to nanny for I kissed a frog. Not scandalous you say? Tell that to the five year olds.....I was the most scandalous nanny around.

4. Pictures say a thousand words, share a photo that means the most to you. Why is that picture important to you?

This is my best friend and I. Our last year at SUU was spent struggling so much in regards to where our lives were leading. We stressed and worried and cried, but guess what? Everything worked out exactly as it was supposed to work out. And this picture is the sum of all of it. (Also, we are actually touching each other so that's something to applaud.)

5. Favorite hair/make up product of the moment?
    At the moment? Red hair dye. All the other moments? I have no idea-I'm awful at being a girl.

6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
   Oh Texas, I choose you. I have three different places that I want to live: Texas, Virginia, and Oregon. Texas always remains on that list though, no matter how many times it changes. Who knows why?

7. How did you choose the name of your blog?
    It was the first thing that popped into my head so I figured it must be good. Gut instincts right? (Also, apparently it's the name of a movie?)

8. What is your favorite blog?
   Oh this list could go on and on. Maybe I should just link up my bloglovin account so you can see everyone I follow? I think I will have to say The Daybook. Because this was the first blog that I ever read.

9. What is your favorite movie quote?
     "Don't you know I have had Diarrhea since Easters??" I don't know if this is necessarily my favorite, but it is still pa-retty good.

10.  What's the best advice you've ever been given?
       Easy. "If you're ever in a fight just get naked. Nobody can fight with a naked person."

11. What is your favorite blog post you've written?
      Probably the one regarding the contents of my purse. Or any that has to do with making fun of BYU.

Now I nominate:
Kathy at Just A Bit of Happy

Please answer these ridiculous questions:
1. What is your favorite section of the grocery store?
2. How do you plan to survive the zombie apocalypse?
3. What is the color of your carpet?
4. What is the current status of your food storage?
5. What would you want written on your tombstone?
6. If you were a worm, how long would you be?
7. Why does X stand for kiss and O stand for hug?
8. If you could only answer one of these questions which one would it be?
9. If you met the president what would be your one question for him?
(Are these questions supposed to be about blogging?)
10. Why did you start blogging?
(There we go.)


  1. Texas is a pretty great place, just saying ;)

    1. Yeah I mean, if you're from there it must be pretty great! :)

  2. hahaha--I was laughing at "everything" when it came to your favorite food. And one time we forced my little sister to kiss a frog. (Evil big siblings.) We thought it was very scandalous indeed.

    1. hahaha yeah I don't know what it is about kissing frogs but it must be done!


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