Sunday, February 23, 2014

every moment matters

I am reading a book titled Visions of Glory.
It's one man's account of his multiple near death experiences and the revelations he received during them.
While he watched his life story in one revelation he had a thought:
"...Our lives are all recorded somewhere, detail upon flawless detail. Everything we do matters-nothing is just trivial. It is all profoundly significant, and life is meaningful and full of purpose."
I have looked back on my life and realized that everything has worked out exactly as it needed to.
I can't even imagine where I would be if I was the one that got to dictate my life.
It all happens for a reason and fulfills a divine purpose.
Every person we meet has something to offer us.
Every place we go has something we take with us.
And every trial is for our good.
It all matters-even the most insignificant moments matter.
I am reminded of the movie The Saratov Approach.
If those missionaries had escaped from their captors when they wanted to, the lives of everyone involved would be vastly different.
The Lord wanted them to wait one more day.
To them, this day was mostly insignificant.
But in the end it was "profoundly significant."
Let us see the beauty and purpose everyday, in even the smallest things.


  1. Simple, profound thoughts.
    "Every trial is for our good." Great reminder!

    1. Yes, it truly is! Even if we don't realize it.


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