Friday, February 28, 2014


Apparently...If you lose a coin in a vending machine you can put a piece of gum on a stick and poke it in the slot and you'll get it right back. #MacGyver.
Apparently...If you tip a vending machine forward it takes your picture...some security gaurd now has three pictures of me.
Apparently...Swearing in a group study guide video doesn't make people happy at BYU.
Apparently...Eating twelve slices of pizza and then calling in sick to work because of it doesn't get you fired.
Apparently...A 5K is about three miles and I agreed to run one tomorrow.  I can barely make it down the block.


  1. 12 slices?? Dang. I think even at my prime I could only eat 6. Now, in old age I'm down to 2, 3 max.

    1. hahaha well the guys I went with ate 24 so.....


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